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The Story of Quigley

Quigley's Questions started as a way for me to capture the inquisitive nature of my youngest son, Max.  As Max was developing during his preschool years we noticed developmental delays in language and processing which made conversations difficult for him.  Not long into first grade he was diagnosed with Autism so I left my 22 year career as an educator and began homeschooling in order to give him the best educational setting possible for his learning needs.  During these years Max questioned everything, much like Quigley and so my passion project began!  Quigley's Questions is a delightful story of a boy who feels ignored and unloved by his family after they are exhausted by his constant questioning.  But in the end Quigley gets his most important question of all answered. I hope you enjoy reading the book with your children as much as I enjoyed bringing it to life. 

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